Grakn is a database technology that serves as the knowledge base foundation to intelligent systems. Grakn allows intelligent systems to interpret complex datasets as a single body of knowledge that can be logically reasoned over - a critical process in human cognition and until now not practicable for computers to do. Grakn removes the database restraints and imposes the structures to allow reasoning and inference over vast and expandable data sets, a vital component for the next development of AI systems and applications.


Grakn launched as an opensource technology in 2016 after 36 months of computational research, and won the 2017 University of Cambridge Computer Lab "Product of the Year award" (Improbable won "Company of the Year"). Through the opensource community Grakn already is being used in numerous ground-breaking applications from trivial tax automation bots through to complex applications in drug discovery via protein pathways, knowledge network of drones and robots, cybersecurity, financial etc. Users include Goldman Sachs, AstraZeneca, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, AON and the French Intelligent Services.

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Data Model

Graph Entity-Relationship

Grakn supports the entity-relationship model for graph datasets. Users can model type hierarchies, hyper-entities, hyper-relationships, and rules.

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Distributed Semantic Database


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Commercial, Open Source

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Java, JavaScript, Python

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Linux, OS X, Windows