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YugaByte DB is a transactional database management system that can scale up and down across multiple regions for planet-scale and geo-distributed applications. Offering both SQL and NoSQL in one platform, it supports distributed ACID transactions, auto-sharding, and auto-balancing. It provides compatible APIs extended from Redis API and Apache Cassandra Query Language (CQL), and SQL API which is compatible with PostgreSQL.


YugaByte DB's first public beta release came out in November 2017. It was developed by the former team that built and ran Facebook's NoSQL platform that supported a number of real-time applications. They left Facebook and found their own company, YugaByte Inc, aiming to build a database management system to unify the data layer for mission-critical applications. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber have lots of experts, so they manage to offer complex DBaaS platforms which benefit their app developers. However, for traditional enterprises and small startups, the data layer is still an unsolved problem. This is where YugaByte DB comes to rescue.

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YugaByte, Inc.

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Commercial, Open Source

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C, C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python

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Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Redis

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Linux, OS X


Apache v2