RocksDB is an [embedded database]( using [key-value]( data, and is developed by Facebook for high performance purposes. RocksDB is forked from [LevelDB](, which was developed by Google to exploit the best performance of many CPU cores as well as fast storage like SSD for I/O bound workloads. Based on a [log-structured merge-tree](, RocksDB is able to achieve very high performance and it is adaptable to different workloads (can be used for various of data needs). RocksDB also supports both basic and advanced database operations, including merging and compaction filters. RocksDB is written in C++ and it supports API bindings for C++, C, Java, Python, PHP, as well as many other [third-party language bindings]( RocksDB is used in production in several web-scale companies such as Facebook, Yahoo!, and LinkedIn.

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