Elliptics network is a fault-tolerant distributed key/value database system. With default key generation policy it implements has table object storage.


Elliptics was created in 2007, initially as a part of POHMELFS, a cache coherent distributed file system developed by Linux programmer Evgeniy Polyakov. POHMELFS was announced on January 31, 2008, and merged into the staging area of the Linux kernel source tree in version 2.6.30, released June 9, 2009. The filesystem went practically unused and was removed again in February 2012. In 2008 Elliptics separated as an independent project. Polyakov tried different approaches to distributed data storage systems, some of them were not suitable because of their complexity and some of them were too far from a real life (BerkeleyDB, LevelDB, Kyoto Cabinet backends for medium and big files, different datacenters in a single DHT ring, non eventual recovery). Elliptics is eventually consistent system with multiple updated in parallel replicas potentially living in physically distributed locations. Elliptics contains multiple layers from low-level on-disk store (named Eblob) up to SLRU caches and dynamic routing protocol. In 2012, Polyakov announced a new version of POHMELFS based on Elliptics. As of 2014, Elliptics is used in Yandex Maps, Disk, Music, Photos, Market and infrastructure, Sputnik search engine and Coub.

Data Model