Elliptics network is a fault-tolerant distributed key/value database system. With default key generation policy it implements has table object storage.


Elliptics was initially created in 2007 as part of POHMELFS. Later in 2009 seperated from that project and became a consistent distributed storage system later. As of 2014, Elliptics is used in Yandex Map, Disk, Music, Photos and some infrastructure.


Shadow Paging

Elliptics uses replication to ensure data availability form the beginning of its design. To use replication features, a group of servers are bound together by admin and make the replications every time. For the implementation of the logging, it's using the blackhole logging library for writing logs. The blackhole library is an attribute-based logger with maximum performance optimization. Elliptics uses blackhole library and can output to File/Syslog/Socket.

Data Model