AtomicDB is an associative database. Compared with relational database, associative model stores items (objects) and links (associations). AtomicDB manages associations, not the data. Therefore, every unique instance is stored only once.


Atomic Information Systems, founded in 2015, owns all trademarks and copyrights to 'AtomicDB'. However, founded in 2011, Atomic Database Corp is the creator of this database. Jean Michel Letennier is the founder and CEO of Atomic Information Systems. He posted several video materials introducing AtomicDB. The last video was posted 2 years ago. Currently, it's hard to find any news about this database or company. The demo page of one of the listed products, AtomicDBOnline, is not accessible at the time of writing.

Data Model


AtomicDB or 'Atomic Database' is an object oriented Associative Database. Every element is treated as an independent object. They can be associated to any other data element.

Foreign Keys

Not Supported

No table. No foreign keys.


Not Supported

AtomicDB is a persistent database, not an in-memory system. However, the logging choice is not found.

Query Interface

Custom API

The supported languages of its API calls include JavaScript and jQuery. The API calls allow user to add, get, modify and associate data.

System Architecture


Uses a framework called R3DM, which has three layers: the semantic (S3), the sign (S2) and the storage (S1). The storage layer is the realization layer, including the core key-value class that serves as the foundation of higher data structures and associations. The sign layer is mainly responsible for representing types, instances, and properties and associations. The semantic layer organizes things together and presents them in a natural way.

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