Isolation Levels

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The users are responsible for guaranteeing data isolation.

Concurrency Control

Not Supported

SenseiDB partitions its data within the system to improve processing speed, but it only accepts a single data stream at a time.


Hash Table

SenseiDB applies an indexing manager called Zoie, which is a real-time search and indexing system supporting forward-rolling indexing.


Not Supported

Joins are not supported in SenseiDB since it is not a strictly relational database.

Query Interface

Custom API

Browsing Query Language (BQL) is supported by SenseiDB, which has the similar syntax to SQL.

Data Model

Column Family / Wide-Column

A SenseiDB instance is a table of data that is organized into columns. Each column may fall into one of the supported types: string, int, long, short, float, double, char, date, text.