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Mimer SQL is a relational DBMS developed by Mimer Information Technology AB. It is available across different platforms (Windows, OpenVMS, Linux, major UNIX systems) and can be run in a distributed setting. It is also designed to run in constrained environments such as mobile phones and embedded devices. Furthermore, the "Mimer SQL Real-Time Edition" is intended to work with real-time systems.

Mimer SQL is designed to be "self-tuning", meaning that little maintenance should be needed over time.

It is SQL-2016, JDBC, and ODBC compliant.


Mimer SQL started from a research project at the University of Uppsala that tried implementing the ideas brought forth by Ted Codd. With the rise of SQL, Mimer's developer adopted the standard in the 1980s, and the name was changed to Mimer SQL. In 1984, Mimer was transferred to the newly established company called Mimer Information Systems, which would later become Mimer Information Technology.

Concurrency Control

Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC)

Mimer SQL uses Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC). OCC eliminates the overhead of locking and the possibility of deadlocks. It is also optimized for read-only transaction since they don't interfere with other running transactions. Another advantage is the simplicity of aborts, which require no rollback.

Data Model


Mimer SQL is a relational DBMS.

Foreign Keys


Foreign keys are supported. The DBMS can enforce referential integrity constraints.

Isolation Levels

Repeatable Read

The default isolation is Repeatable Read. A transaction will get the same results if it runs the same query multiple times.

Query Interface


Mimer SQL is SQL-2016 compliant. In addition, it uses SQL/PSM for stored procedures.

Storage Architecture


Mimer SQL is a disk orientated DBMS. It uses a standard Buffer Pool Manager to bring disk pages into memory.

Storage Model

N-ary Storage Model (Row/Record)

The DBMS uses row orientated storage. Every table is stored as a B*-Tree where keys and their corresponding tuples are in separate pages.

Stored Procedures


Mimer SQL supports Stored Procedures written in the SQL/PSM standard language. It also supports triggers, which are stored procedure executed when specific events occur.

System Architecture


Mimer SQL supports both the Open Group's XA protocol and Microsoft's DTC protocol for distributed transactions. This makes the database interoperable with other database systems.


Virtual Views

Mimer SQL supports Views as the result set of predefined SELECT statements. Views involving the joining of two or more tables are also supported.

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