TinyDB is a document-oriented database management system written in Python with no external dependencies.


TinyDB was created in 2013 by Markus Siemens, designed with ease of use in mind at the sacrifice of performance and ACID guarantees (targeting small, standalone apps).


Not Supported

Concurrency Control

Not Supported

TinyDB does not support concurrent database accesses in general.


Not Supported

Isolation Levels

Not Supported


Not Supported

TinyDB does not support logging.

Query Interface

Custom API

TinyDB supports queries via its own custom Query class, through which users can construct and execute most of the standard SQL queries involving string operations and numerical comparisons. It also implements its own query caching mechanism.

Storage Architecture

Disk-oriented In-Memory

Users have the option of either storing their data in a JSON file on disk, or in-memory.

Storage Model


Stored document data is represented internally as a dictionary.

Stored Procedures

Not Supported

System Architecture


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