Linter is a general-purpose OLTP database


The story of linter database starts back in 1980 when a group of developers working in a government-owned company started to develop a database system named DBMS BARS for a RANFOS operating system.

Later in the 1990 same group set a private company named RELEX which is acronym for "RELational EXpert Systems" and this is when Linter database has arrived.

Concurrency Control

Two-Phase Locking (Deadlock Detection)

Strict 2 phase locking. Thus, every DML operation causing an exclusive lock to be put on the record that is being changed at the moment.

When a select statement reaches the tuple that has been updated but not yet committed, it gets stalled until the lock is down.

Whenever a transaction updates many tuples on the same table, the whole table gets an exclusive lock in order to reduce resource overhead while managing multiple row-level locks

Deadlocks are being detected on the fly by the means of an internal deadlock manager

Foreign Keys




Indexes are implemented in form of a B*-tree (which is a subtype of a B-tree with only difference that it requires each internal node to be at least 2/3 full) type of indexes implemented: simple index, composite index, functional index, Ad-hoc index - an index that database creates on the fly while optimizing a query. Gets deleted once the query is executed, and text index for the text search

Query Interface

SQL Stored Procedures

Storage Organization

Sorted Files

Each table of Linter database is being stored in a set of datafiles. There are separate files for table data, index data, and unstructured data. Files are being named using following convention XXX.YNN Where XXX: is the internal table id Y: 0 - for table data, 1 - for index data, 2 - for unstructured data (BLOB) NN: numeric order

For example: 159.12 - is the second file storing index data for a table which internal id is 159

Stored Procedures


The Linter's internal procedural language has no other name rather than "procedural language" and PL/SQL-like scripting language

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