Atibase is an enterprise grade open source database with over 600 clients. It is a relational database management system that is compatible and interoperable with Oracle. Atibase is a hybrid database – data can be stored and manipulated in main memory alone, and physical disk alone, or a combination of both. Altibase is an in-memory database. Altibase is free of coordinator-related bottlenecks. You can also adapt Altibase as a front-end database with Oracle.


Atlibase was the first company in the world to develop and commercialize a hybrid database. Altibase started off as an in-memory database research project at a government-funded research organization in Seoul, South Korea. In 2000, its first version was released for commercial use and by 2003, it entered the Chinese market. By 2011, Altibase received multiple awards and even introduced certification services. IN 2018, Atlibase went open source. Many of their clients are from the telecommunications, finance, manufacturing and utilities sectors.



Altibase uses fuzzy & ping-pong checkpoint methods to safely back up the most recent state of the database.

Concurrency Control

Multi-version Concurrency Control (MVCC)

Altibase has Multi-version Concurrency Control (MVCC) which provides high throughput with consistency and isolation.

Data Model


Altibase is a relational database that is also ACID and SQL compliant. Atlibase is compatible and interoperable with Oracle and migrating from another database to Altibase is less complex than majority of other migrations. Altibase also uses sharding technology which allows minimal use of coordinators.

Foreign Keys


Altibase allows for foreign keys


B+Tree R-Tree

Altibase supports two types of indexes: B-tree indexes and R-tree indexes. The R-tree index is a multi-dimensional index type for use with spatial queries.

Isolation Levels

Read Committed Serializable Repeatable Read

Altibase provides “read committed” (0), “repeatable read” (1), and “no phantom read” (2), which can be selected appropriately depending on the user’s requirements.

Query Interface


Altibase compiles with SQL92 and SQL99 standard, and also provides extended features. Altibase also supports ODBC, JDBC and C/C++ Precompiler.

Storage Architecture

In-Memory Hybrid

Altibase is a hybrid database. It can access both memory-resident and disk-resident tables. It offers ACID compliance and can support both synchronous and asynchronous replication.

System Architecture


The structure of the Altibase server consists of the main thread, the dispatcher, the load balancer, the service thread pool, the service thread, the checkpoint thread, the garbage collection thread, the log flush thread, the buffer flush thread, and the archive-log thread. The Altibase physically consists of log anchol files, log files, and data files.

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Former Name

Mr.RT, Sniper


Altibase Corp.

Country of Origin


Start Year


Project Type

Commercial, Open Source

Written in

C, C++

Supported languages

C, C++, Java

Compatible With

Oracle RDBMS

Operating Systems

AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Windows




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